A picture book story with a fairy AND a mermaid?

Book Price £2.99

Book Description

If you have a five to eight-year-old child that love fairies, pugs, mermaids and magical creatures, they will absolutely love this picture story book, written entirely in rhyme.

Things are not always what they seem!

Rosie Bell has just moved to a new house and misses her old friends dearly. When the weekend came around, she didn’t expect to take her first flying lesson with a fairy! She didn’t expect to leave Puggles behind and she absolutely did not expect to meet a trapped Mermaid!

If she can save the Mermaid, she will be granted a wish. What will she do?

The Mermaid Wish is the second book in the two-part series, Rosie and Puggles Adventures. Let their imagination come alive in a story full of magic, promise and a healthy dose of humour.