A poetic memoir of female abuse and the healing

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Book Description

From Cradle To Brave is a beautifully written poetic memoir that tackles female abuse and subsequent healing. The author takes her readers on a moving journey through her life as she scales the walls of child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, miscarriages, infertility, self-sabotage and her sister’s tragic suicide into acceptance and freedom.

A disturbing, touching life story recounted with dignity in captivating lyrical rhyme. The poems are delivered throughout four chapters as a series of memories frozen in time within her mind. The books final chapter concludes with twenty-four poems of inspiring wisdom to aid survival for other victims.

This candid exposure of her past is both bold and brave, but she believes sharing survivor stories empowers others. Lifelines for these women are compassion, respect, professional support, time to heal, love and evidence of survival.