Top 10 Protection Tips

This week has seen a theme cropping up on more than one occasion so I want to share a couple of quick fixes I always do to manage any feelings of vulnerability. 

Before I talk about the actual tips for protection that I use myself and with clients I wanted to point out that feeling vulnerable is a pre-requisite to being human. This is when we need to remind ourselves that we are spiritual beings with a human body, emotions and experiences, it is not the other way around; a human with a spirit. 

Firstly, let’s talk about the need for protection. This will stem from a fear-based belief that you are not in control for one reason or another and to eliminate the fear you would need to look at the root cause for the fear in the first place. In the interim, we can make our life more comfortable with a few protection techniques.

Black Tourmaline

Top 10 Protection Cures and Tips for the Modern Mystic

  1. Tigers Eye – carry around Tigers Eye, it is the crystal for protection.
  2. Black Tourmaline – This is the heavyweight of protection crystals which you can place in the centre of your home or near the front entrance to ‘guard’ you.
  3. Bach’s Rescue Remedy – available from most health food shops and some pharmacies.
  4. Clapping – Enter the four corners of each room in your home and clap away the negative energy that you will be bringing due to anxiety emotion.
  5. Meditate – if you struggle to quiet your mind you can listen to many good guided meditations online.
  6. Music – play some cheerful and therapeutic music to lift the mood in your home.
  7. Write down all those unwanted thoughts on a piece of paper and burn it safely in a bowl. Release them to the universe and trust that time will reveal and/or heal.  
  8. Ask for guidance from your guides and watch out for signs.
  9. Clear clutter in your home – not only does this occupy you it also releases any stagnant energy in the home.
  10. Connect with nature – go for a walk in nature. This grounds you reconnecting you to mother earth.

This is not an exhaustive or conclusive list but is certainly enough to help with those feelings of vulnerability. As an additional measure we can always call in Archangel Michael to protect and guide us until we feel stronger and more connected to life’s flow and purpose.

How to Develop Your Psychic Ability

At my last show this was a question that cropped up a lot and so it is something I share with you this week.

We are all born psychic but what does that mean?   Firstly, I will explain what defines a ‘psychic’, a little bit about our six senses, a protection exercise, and a link to a previous article on how to meet your spirit guides.

What is a psychic?

Contrary to popular stereotypes, we don’t wear gypsy clothes, sit in a tent with a crystal ball and adopt a ‘hippy’ lifestyle.   Not that there is anything remotely wrong with any of that but on the whole I receive a wide eyed look of surprise when I tell new acquaintances what I do.  I took me years to be able to say the word ‘psychic’ because it holds so much emotion for all concerned.  I still meet people to this day that will immediately shut down or turn away in case I can read their mind.    If I could have one wish in my lifetime it would be to change the perception of the word ‘psychic’.    We are normal everyday people, we have just spent a lot of time and effort developing our gifts to serve the world.    Sadly, we are often ridiculed, mistrusted, feared and outcast because of this but in the words of Bob Dylan “the times they are a changin’”. 

It is now more widely accepted that we are indeed all psychic but what does that mean?

We all accept that we have five senses; sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.  However, there is a sixth sense, this is not a physical sense as described but commonly referred to as a ‘gut feeling’ a ‘hunch’, a ‘feeling’, an ‘intuition’.  It’s this feeling that is the extra sense, our extra sensory perception.  That’s why these days a lot of psychics calls themselves ‘intuitive’ because we tap into that feeling and develop one of the following psychic senses.


This is the most common of all the senses in which we see mental images or moving pictures of a scene.  A bit like a photograph album clicking through our mind. 

Personally I do not see physically with my eyes but my mind’s eye and the image are usually very clear so that I can relay what I am seeing.  Some psychics see with their physical eyes but the majority of us see pictures in our minds.


This is when you hear spirit speaking in your mind.  Once again it does not tend to be a verbal communication like you or I would have but an internal communication.    This gift tends to start with a high pitched or buzzing noise in your ear.  At this point, you can train yourself to adjust the vibration, slow it down or increase it to actually hear the words that are being said. 


This is a sensing in its truest form, you feel the physical sensations either in the person you are reading for as in empathy or you can receive a sensation from the spirit world that will allow you to make an identification of the person that crossed over.  For example, if they had a painful leg they may give you this impression.  This is a fleeting feeling just long enough for you to identify with it.


Clairallience refers to an ability to receive information through the sense of scent.  Whichever scent you receive will relate to the spirit that has crossed over.  A favourite perfume, flower or tobacco smoke are common scents.


Information is received with this sense through taste.   A strong sensation in the mouth such as the taste of apples if your passed over relative used to enjoy apples and lived in an orchard.  You get the general idea.  

Once you have connected to the Divine and established a working relationship with your Spirit Guide, one of these senses will be a natural gift for you although you may develop all five. 

Click HERE for a link to a previous article on “How to contact your spirit guide”.


I mention protection not because something sinister is lurking in the dark shadows, although my cat has a tendency to do this just to make me jump!  Using your psychic senses requires you to shift your vibration and use a higher energy.  Once the euphoria has worn off it can be extremely exhausting.  This because you are working with energy and giving your energy to the communication.

Before every contact you should imagine walking into a white bubble of love where you are safe, protected, happy and calm.    This is critical to your emotional wellbeing as it really can be draining.  You simply need to remember to step into your bubble, drink a glass of water, take a deep breath and begin.   

How to develop your psychic abilities for professional work

There are a number of ways to develop your psychic gifts.  You can join what we call a ‘development circle’ but these can be hard to find.  Another option is to go a psychic college such as The College of Psychic Studies in London where you can choose a course that appeals to you or if you are serious about becoming of service to the Spirit World the renowned “Arthur Findlay College” in Stansted. 

Quick Feng Shui Tips

I am a staunch advocate of the Black Hat Feng Shui method, basically because I tried to the use the Form school and compass method and after studying them wanted to move house, which was a bit drastic!.   Personally I found them too confusing for me and so I was delighted when I discovered the Black Hat Feng Shui or Black Sect as it is sometimes known.  

Black Hat was introduced to the USA in the mid 1980’s as a feng shui practice that can be easily adopted in Western Culture.  You don’t have to move home, get a compass or concern yourself with anything other than where is your front door and how to draw nine squares on a piece of paper.   

The objective is to create harmony in your environment, which will make you feel better, lift your mood and therefore raise your vibration and energy.  Energy is everything in this practice and working with energy is so much fun. 

How to apply Black Hat Feng Shui

Pick one area of your life at a time rather than run around the house changing everything at once and watch the results and then move on to the next.    A traditionally common area to start with is the money sector and I’ve written a previous article on how to enhance your money luck using Feng Shui. 

Click HERE for the link.

Feng Shui works with the desire to harmonise chi, good energy in your home.   You draw a floor plan of your home, break it down into nine sections and work in each of the areas.   Each area is related to an area of your life and you can use colours and elements in each of these areas to adopt the harmony.

If you wish to consult a Feng Shui practitioner then that is also an option.  I use the Black Hat because it is simple and something I can easily do myself but you may feel that you would like to consult an expert if you are experiencing a serious sense of lack in this area. 

However if you are happy to have a go yourself then I’ve illustrated the bagua which is the feng shui map to overlay on your house plan. 

 The Black Hat Bagua

Place the Career section where you enter your front door. If you use your back door, use this door as your main entrance.

To help you understand this I can share what I have in my home to enchance my own Feng Shui.

  • Career : Black accessories, painting of running water
  • Friends : silver coloured vase & Buddha
  • Knowledge : blue cushion and plant
  • Family : green cushions and leafy green plant plus wood furniture
  • Money : purple vase and amethyst crystal cluster
  • Fame : Red curtains, red silked plant and candles
  • Love : I struggle with pink so have Chinese mandarin ducks here and rose quartz crystals
  • Children : White walls and metal framed pictures of my daughter
  • Health : Light yellow hallway and plants for Earth

I think from this you will get a general understanding of how to apply these principles of feng shui.   The most important aspect of Feng Shui is to clear clutter, it holds you down and the purpose is to create a harmonic environment.   The intention to clear space and place love and intention into every area of your life is a fantastic starting point.

Chakra Quick Reference Guide

Our Energy System

We are energetic beings, I don’t mean the jump up and down kind of energetic, I mean pure physical energy.  Our bodies are not just what you see with the naked eye, they are composed of magnetic fields of energy as well as the physical body.

Some people are trained auric readers, they can see the colours of your aura and notice blocks or holes in the outer layers.  A perfectly aligned and balanced aura is the ideal.  Once you know more about these invisible fields of energy that connect you directly to the Divine you can achieve harmony and balance. 

The Aura

Firstly, let us look at the aura.  It is an invisible, colourful and multi-dimensional energy field that surrounds every living thing.  It’s made up of 7 layers outside of the physical body and each layer/body is connected to a Chakra. 

1Etheric BodyPhysical IllnessRoot Chakra
2Emotional BodyEmotional blocksSacral Chakra
3Mental bodyThoughts & beliefsSolar Plexus
4Astral BodyPure Love – the connector between the lower physical & higher spiritual vibrationsHeart Chakra
5The Etheric TemplateHolds our blueprint – manifests from ether into physicalThroat Chakra
6Celestial BodyPerception & Intuition3rd Eye
7Ketheric TemplateOur connection to the Divine EnergyCrown Chakra

The Chakras

Secondly, we have the chakras.  I like to think of them as the 7 power houses.  The word chakra itself comes from an old Hindu word that means ‘wheel’ or ‘turning’, it’s easier to understand if we take this literally to mean a vortex or whirlpool. 

They are vibrational spinning wheels of energy; taking energy from the Divine Source into the Etheric Body.    All the chakras are interwoven with each other and they correspond with a certain colour and organ or gland in the body.    They run centrally up the body from the base of the spine to the crown, spinning and drawing in Divine Energy to balance the mind, body and spirit. 

This illustration details their positioning and I have detailed each of them so that you can see the roles that they play in achieving harmony.  If a chakra becomes blocked or out of balance due to an emotional shock or trauma we can rebalance with music, colour or crystals.

Base Chakra or Root Chakra – Colour Red

This chakra is located at the base of the spine.   Here we find our fight or flight response, our instinct to survive.  It is what roots us to this earth, our ancestry, our history, our family, our start in life.  The Root chakra is linked straight into the Sacral Chakra.   It’s also connected to our Adrenal glands.

The Sacral Chakra – Colour Orange

The Sacral Chakra is where we house our one to one relationships.   It’s associated with the internal reproductive organs and controls our water elements; blood, lymph, tears and bodily fluids. Unsurprisingly our sexual energy is located here and our sense of fun. It links straight into the Solar Plexus.

The Solar Plexus – colour Yellow

This is where our personal power, ego and self-worth lives.   If we have had a series of destructive relationships (affecting our Sacral Chakra) we can very often find blocks here.  This will usually manifest in digestive issues.  It corresponds to the pancreas and outer adrenal glands.

The Heart Chakra – colour green

This chakra is just to the right of our actual heart and looks after the lungs and blood pressure.  It is also linked to the thymus gland which helps the immune system. 

The Throat Chakra – colour blue

Here you find our voice, our ability to express ourselves vocally and communicate our wants and desires.  It is linked to the thyroid gland which produces the hormone that controls our metabolic rate.

The Third Eye – colour Indigo

The Third Eye is connected to the pineal gland which governs light.  The pineal gland actually controls our sleeping instincts.   Here you will also find our intuition or ESP, our psychic senses.

The Crown Chakra – colour violet or white

This is as the name suggests on the crown of the head.  It’s linked to the pituitary gland which produces a hormone that controls the whole endocrine system.  The Crown Chakra is our direct connection to the Divine Source.

Fixing Blocks or Imbalances

One of the quickest ways of detecting a blockage or imbalance is to use a pendulum.  If any issues are detected OR you genuinely resonate with the following issues you could use a tune up.

Root or BaseFeelings of crippling fear or insecurities. Ask yourself if you are living in fear. 
SacralUnable to trust people or one to one relationships. 
Solar PlexusFeelings of low self-esteem, feeling unworthy and undeserving of the blessings in life
HeartFeeling isolated and cut off from the world.  Unloved and unable to love.  Feel like you can’t breathe
ThroatUnable to speak up for yourself and communicate effectively.  Sore throats live here. 
3rd EyeFeel like you just cannot think straight.  Your thoughts are running wild and you are unable to process them effectively
CrownUnable to find any purpose in life.  Depression and confusion. 

You can heal the chakras by working with the appropriate colour or coloured crystals relating to the chakra.  The chakras also respond well to sound.  They also respond well to singing bowls as each chakra resonates with a certain sound.  

As you can see everything is interconnected with the Divine Energy.  We will have a much happier and peaceful life if we can achieve balance and harmony and the Chakras are a very good place to start.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT first swept the world by storm a few years ago.  There are an awful lot of practitioners that are familiar with the technique and have been using it with some success, however, it reached new giddy heights with Hay House authors Nick & Jessica Ortner.   They are a brother and sister team who successfully used the technique to take their own lives, and hundreds more, up to a new level.

EFT is an ancient method of tapping on meridian points to identify with a negative emotion, in which you tap on meridian points as you identify with the feeling, then you tap it out.   Sounds fantastically easy doesn’t it.   I witnessed with my own eyes a live demonstration with Jessica Ortner in London, taking three ladies on stage that had an emotional intensity towards chocolate.   I can seriously relate to that so she had my avid attention at this point.   Each person was asked to give the emotion a number of intensity, 1 being low and 10 being the highest.   They were given a bar of chocolate to hold unwrapped and asked to smell it, intensifying the emotion even further.   Unsurprisingly, 10 was the common denominator.    Jessica then took them through the tapping technique.  After they had finished one round two ladies could honestly say they didn’t want the chocolate anymore.  One lady needed another round of tapping and all three left the stage with the chocolate untouched and unwanted.   

What was interesting for me, wasn’t necessarily the outcome, it was the emotional statements or feelings that came up when they connected to the desire.  Primarily it was about deeming the chocolate to be a childhood treat and deserving, emotionally feeding the spirit with goodness.    A deserving reward in essence.

Fascinated, I began tapping like fury on my absolute fear of travelling through London.   To say that I stress is an understatement.  Outwardly, cool as cucumber I am always a quivering wreck inside.   I must check for my ticket about five times before I even get on the train.  I put it in a special pocket, then I forget that I have put it in my special pocket and tear the contents of my handbag to pieces in a frantic state.  Craziness hits! 

And so I tapped and tapped and became calm, interestingly it was about being in control, a fear of losing my ticket, missing my train and getting lost.  I review the route before I leave and print it off to reliably be called about four or five times as I’m actually entering London.  Complete nut job!

I brought up a fear of being lost, late and in the wrong place, which ultimately is all about control.  You know, I seriously didn’t know I carried this stuff around.   Friends are surprised that I didn’t know I was a control freak.  Seriously I think we all are to a degree because it stems from a basic need to feel safe.

And so to the actual technique, I have illustrated the diagram of the actual points on your face and torso you need to tap.

1.   Identify with an overriding negative emotion, get into the feeling and tap and talk as follows, give it a voice and release it.

2.  Tap continuously on the Karate Chop (KC) point whilst saying: Even though I have this feeling of (problem) I completely love and accept myself.

3.  Then tap on the following points (using the illustration) and say even though I have this feeling, all this feeling of (problem) and it is driving me crazy I completely love and accept myself.   You don’t have to use my exact words but you must conclude with “I completely love and accept myself).  Tap it out once all the around the points and two further times.   You may be surprised what tapping uncovers.

KC – Karate Chop Point

EB – Eyebrow

SE – Side of Eye

UE – Under the Eye

UN – Under the Nose

CH – Chin

CB – Collarbone

UA – Under the Arm

H – Head

4.  Once you have tapped the negativity three times you need to rewrite your thinking by placing a positive statement about the underlying emotion you will have uncovered.   For example, mine was about feeling safe. So I re-enforced with ‘even though I feel fear in travelling to new places, I completely love and accept myself, I trust that I will study the route, put it away, buy my ticket, know where I have put it and get there on time, relaxed, happy, on time and safe.  It worked for me.

To summarise, three times around the points with the negativity and three times around the points with the positive statement.