Poems about Love

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Poems about Love

A brand new poetry series

Within these pages you will find
a happy heart and a troubled mind.
Twenty plus poems written in rhyme,
In three separate parts reflecting their time.
There are poems for new love, that's where it starts.
And ends with traumatic breaking of hearts.
It's a personal journey, but one we all make,
sometimes it is right,  sometimes a mistake.
From my heart to yours I'm speaking in rhyme
as I share the encounters of mine.

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About the Book

Is the untameable beast of love on your mind?

Are you consumed by a new love?  Looking for words for your significant other that lets them know how much you care? Or, in that dark place of endings?

‘Poems about love’ presents emotional rhyming poetry, written in plain and simple language, that will speak to your soul during the deep emotional waters of romantic love.  The book is divided into three parts with over twenty short and long poems.  So, if you are dipping your toes into the shallow waters of new love, immersed in tropical warm waters of anything in-between or need that life-vest if you’re drowning in heartbreak, this book is for you.

Poems about love is the first book in ‘the Emotional Word’ poetry series, and if you like lyrical, rhyming poetry that touches your heart, then you’ll love this book.

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Series: The Emotional Word, Book 1
Genre: Poetry Books
Publisher: Rebus Imprint
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9780995466975
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