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From Cradle to Brave is my own memoir

It wasnt’ easy to publish, in fact it was probably one of the hardest things I have ever written.

But ‘Strong women’ are ‘strong’  for a reason.  We don’t suddenly arrive with steel in our backbone.  It’s because we’ve fought against demons with one aim in mind – to destroy us!  

My story is just one of millions…  

this book made me cry, I felt as if I was there whilst reading every word

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About Maria

Maria is passionate about empowering young girls and women as a direct result of her youngest sister’s suicide and her own life experiences.  

Her unique voice is powerfully moving without literary boundaries.  She uses simplistic language in an easy to read lyrical rhyme and takes her readers on a journey through emotional themes of love and loss, interspersed with uplifting and inspiring poetry.   

She is a strong and motivational voice for women.

maria b hayden
For people who have gone through similar this book shows how you can heal, for people who haven’t it helps you walk alongside the women who have.
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