Maria B. Hayden

Poet & Children's Author

To be a woman book cover


Are you fed up with being judged as a female?  Are you allowing insecurities, fear of failure and self-doubt to stop you achieving your dreams? 

‘To be a woman’ is a short collection of poetry for women.  It’s a concise, empowering and inspirational book tackling beauty, gender roles, our struggles with perfection and much more.  No rules and regulations, just honesty and insight from a woman who wants the best for us all.  

Extract:  “I am calmly confident but insecure, I am sassy and brash but also demure. I may be a woman but don’t be fooled. I can act like a man and won’t be ruled.”

From Cradle to Brave


an explosive insight into female abuse through the eyes of a survivor

a powerful, disturbing, emotional and brave story, told with dignity and sensitivity for the reader.  you may be moved to tears but you will also celebrate the strength of a woman who scaled the walls of abuse, violence, miscarriage of her child, sibling suicide, bereavement and mental health into freedom.

lifelines for victims of abuse; compassion, privacy, respect, shared experiences, professional support, time to heal, love, evidence of survival and empowerment.

CRADLE TO BRAVE offers evidence together with love and empowerment in its closing chapter


  I am a strong woman, which is obvious in my work, but I wasn’t always that way.   That’s why it’s my mission in life to share my poetry to empower, enlighten and instill courage in you too.    In this section are the links to podcast platforms.   Mine isn’t a typical podcast, it’s just one place that I share my poems with you for free.  In each episode I read a different one and what inspired me to write it.  That’s it.  No frills.  Just 3-5 minutes of a heartfelt poem written by me for you.   

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