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As an exclusive introduction to my work I’m giving away a limited number of FREE digital copies of my book ‘To Be A Woman’  (also available in paperback on my Books page through the main menu)

If you’re fed up with being judged as a female first, allowing insecurities, fear of failure and self-doubt to stop you achieving your dreams then welcome to my little poetry book of feminism, covering topics such as beauty, gender roles and our struggles with the perfection trap!  Grab your free copy today and get in touch with your warrior within.  It’s written to inspire and motivate us to step outside the box.  


“A sensitive, strong female voice that will uplift and motivate you during your own life journey.”

The Emotional Word
Books 1 - 3 Collection

The Emotional Word is an authentic collection of poems which tackle our many challenges in life; love, loss, bereavement, depression, rejection, poor self-image, low self-worth, limiting beliefs about beauty and perfection, kindness, money, mistakes, fear of failure plus much more.    Her voice is powerfully expressed in a simple translation through rhyme, and in a direct style that cuts through the barriers of propriety. 

If you enjoy a sensitive, strong female voice that will uplift and motivate you during your own life journey

Poems About Love - Book 1

Is the untameable beast of love on your mind? 

Are you consumed by a new love?  Looking for words for your significant other that lets them know how much you care? Or, in that dark place of endings?  

‘Poems about love’ presents emotional rhyming poetry, written in plain and simple language, that will speak to your soul during the deep emotional waters of romantic love.  The book is divided into three parts with over twenty short and long poems.  So, if you are dipping your toes into the shallow waters of new love, immersed in tropical warm waters of anything in-between or need that life-vest if you’re drowning in heartbreak, this book is for you.

Poems About Dark Times
Book 2

Is this your emotional hour of need? 

Are you struggling with loneliness, depression, anxiety, or drowning in the pain when bereavement strips your heart bare?  Are you looking for the words that can express your pain? 

‘Poems about Dark Times’ presents emotional rhyming poetry that speaks to your soul during the stormy times of deep emotional pain.  The book is divided into two parts.   The first is for when lightning strikes and momentarily grounds us to a halt.  The poems cover the themes of loneliness, depression, anger, frustration, anxiety and helplessness.  The last chapter expresses the tsunami of bereavement and subsequent grief.

Poems About Life - Book 3

Are you looking for some inspiring words about life? 

Are you searching for answers? Looking for happiness? Or just need a little motivation to keep you going on your journey?

‘Poems about Life’ presents inspirational rhyming poetry, written in plain and simple language, that will speak to your soul during the confusing journey of life. There are twenty poems covering themes such as overcoming negative beliefs, striving for our dreams, managing fear and change, the value of friends, the importance of kindness and societal expectations surrounding beauty and what it is like inside a female’s mind.  This little black book is packed with words of encouragement and reflection on the meaning of life as we search for answers and happiness.

maria b hayden

A little about Maria

I am a poet and children’s writer based in Devon, England. I work as a full time writer, mum and wife and share my home with a Pug, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, three cats and a goldfish called ‘Bob’. 

My poetry books are written in a rhyming style not unlike my earlier  children’s books, with a focus on simple, plain and metered verse, because I feel that we all resonate and respond to simple verses from the heart.    If you want to get to know me a little better please pop over to my Facebook or Instagram pages where I post with infrequent frequency. 

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