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I love my easy reference calendar with all the key dates for the year ahead, so I’ve reproduced one just for you.  Click on the calendar to grab your printable version.  All you need is access to a printer and 12 sheets of paper.   

Did you know that you could call Archangel energy closer to you through their corresponding colours and/or crystals? You can start TODAY.   Download your FREE A4 poster for easy reference.

It’s fun and it’s genuinely FREE.  I’ve been affiliated with Lotus Tarot since 2013 and still love grabbing a quick card reading.   Try them out – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

APRIL 2021

Psychic Tools for Beginners
Book 2

In Book 1 – Design your Own Oracle Cards I helped you develop your own Divination cards,  a great introduction into the unknown wisdom that guides us.    Next, in Book 2  I teach you how to tap further into that source energy with the protective and healing properties of crystals.   The book covers the foundation stones, crystal pendulums, chakras and crystal balls plus much more.    Click the button below and I will let you as soon as it is released.